Equity and Trusts Cases

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Here is a list of all the key cases in Trusts and Equity. They are covered in more detail in my Equity and Trusts notes.


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Knight v Knight

Certainty of intention

Re Adams and the Kensington Vestry

Comiskey v Bowing-Hanbury

Paul v Constance

Jones v Lock

Midland Bank v Wyatt

A v A

Certainty of subject-matter

Boyce v Boyce

Re Golay’s Will Trusts

Re London Wine (Shippers) Ltd

Re Goldcorp Exchange Ltd.

Palmer v Simmonds

Re Last

Certainty of objects

Re Baden’s Deed Trusts (No 2)

Re Barlow’s Will Trusts

 Re Sayer

OT Computers Ltd v First National Trinity Finance

Re Gulbenkian’s Settlement (No. 1)

McPhail v Doulton

Re Benjamin

McPhail v Doulton

R v District Auditor, ex parte West Yorkshire Metropolitan Country Council

Re Barlow’s Will Trusts

Re Tuck’s Settlement Trusts

Hunter v Moss

Re Harvard Securities



Declaration of an inter vivos express trust

James v Lock

Rochefoucauld v Boustead

Bannister v Bannister

Secret trusts

Ottaway v Norman

Re Snowden

Wallgrove v Tebbs

Re Boyes

Re Keen

Re Cooper

Moss v Cooper

Blackwell v Blackwell

McCormick v Grogan

Cullen v AG for Ireland

Larke v Nugus

Dispositions of equitable interests

Grey v IRC

Oughtred v IRC

Neville v Wilson

Vandervell v IRC


Constitution of trusts

Jones v Lock

Re Rose

Milroy v Lord

Re Fry

Mascall v Mascall

Choithram v Pagarani

Pennington v Waine

Exceptions to the rule that equity will not assist a volunteer

Strong v Bird

Woodard v Woodard

King v Dubrey

Sen v Headley


Private purpose trusts

Morice v Bishop of Durham

Bowman v Secular Society

Re Astor’s Settlement Trusts

Pirbright v Salwey

Re Astor’s Settlement Trusts

Exceptions to the beneficiary principle

Mussett v Bingle

Pirbright v Salwey

Pettingall v Pettingall

Re Dean

Re Kelly

Bourne v Keen

Re Hetherington

Re Thompson

Re Endcott

The private purpose/person distinction

Re The Trusts of the Abbott Fund

Re Osoba

Re Bowes

Re Denley

Re Denley

Unincorporated associations

Neville Estates v Madden

Re Lipinski

Re Grant’s Will Trusts


Charitable trusts

Pemsel case


Re Coulthurst

Re Sanders’ Will Trust

Re Niyazi’s Will Trust

Dingle v Turner

Re Segelman

Attorney General v Charity Commission for England and Wales


IRC v McMullen

McGovern v AG

Re Shaw

The Independent Schools Council v The Charity Commission


Gilmour v Coates


Re Resch’s Will Trust

Re Wokingham Fire Brigade Trusts

Re David


Royal Choral Society v IRC

Amateur sport

IRC v McMullen

Re Nottage

Re Dupree

Human rights

McGovern v AG

Environmental protection

Re Verrall

Relief of those in need

Joseph Rowntree Housing Association v AG

Animal welfare

Re Wedgwood

Armed forces

National Anti-Vivisection Society v IRC

McGovern v IRC

Public benefit test

IRC v Baddley

Oppenheim v Tobacco Securities Trust Co


Trusts of the family home

Express trusts

Goodman v Gallant

The presumed intention resulting trust

Tinsley v Milligan

Laskar v Laskar

Curley v Parkes

Burns v Burns

Buggs v Buggs

Stack v Dowden

Abbott v Abbott

Common intention constructive trusts

Gissing v Gissing

Lloyds Bank v Rosset

Eves v Eves

Grant v Edwards

James v Thomas

Le Foe v Le Foe

James v Thomas

Midland Bank v Cooke

Oxley v Hisscock

Jones v Kernott

Stack v Dowden

Fowler v Barron

Adekunle v Ritchie

Laskar v Laskar

Marr v Collie


Proprietary estoppel

Gilles v Keogh

Lissimore v Downing

Thorner v Major

Southwell v Blackburn


Fiduciary obligations

Bristol and West Building Society v Mothew

Keech v Sandford

Boardman v Phipps

Keech v Sandford

Boardman v Phipps

The administration of the trust

Armitage v Nurse

Speight v Gaunt

Re Brogden


Re Beloved Wilkes Charity

Klug v Klug

Cowan v Scargill

Harries v The Church Commissioners for England

Breach of trust

Schmidt v Rose

Armitage v Nurse

Nestlé v Natwest

Target Holding v Redferns

Murad v Al-Saraj

Perrins v Bellamy

Re Pauling’s Settlement Trusts


Foskett v McKeown


FC Jones

Re Hallett’s Estate

Re Oatway

Shalson v Russo

Ruscoe v Winder

Clayton’s case

Barlow Clowes v Vaughan

Sinclair Investments v Versailles Trade Finance

Brazil v Durant

Boscawen v Bajwa

Chase Manhattan Bank v Israeli British Bank

LAC Minerals Ltd v International Corona Resources


Strangers to the trust

Royal Brunei Airlines v Tan

Brinks Ltd v Abu-Saleh (No. 3)

Royal Brunei Airlines v Tan

Twinsectra v Yardley

Barlow Clowes v Eurotrust

Abou-Rahmah v Abacha

Novoship v Nikitin

El Ajou v Dollar Land Holdings

Agip (Africa) v Jackson

Uzinterimpex v Standard Bank

Re Montag’s ST

BCCI v Akindele

Starglade Properties v Nash

Lipkin Gorman v Karpnale


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