Private LNAT Tuition

LNAT Tutor

Hello! My name is Catherine Robinson, and I offer one-to-one LNAT tuition that covers both sections of the exam.

Section A: Multiple Choice Questions

LNAT success relies on an understanding of the thought process behind answering each type of question as much as it relies on natural aptitude for critical reasoning. Without an awareness of the different skills that are being tested by each type of multiple choice question, it is easy to get the wrong end of the stick.

Through an exploration of the meanings Pearson assigns to words such as 'premise', 'conclusion', 'deduction', 'assumption', 'assertion', 'interpretation', and 'inference', my tutoring equips each student with the background knowledge needed to succeed in the LNAT exam. 

The theory side of LNAT tuition is an often overlooked but crucial component. As such, my tutoring always starts by familiarising each student with the steps to go through to solve each type of question. We will then put the theory into practice by working through sample questions that exemplify each type of question you may be asked.

Section B: Essay Help

There is a simple LNAT essay structure to follow that ensures you write a persuasive and effective essay. During our sessions, we will work through each part of that structure in depth before I set you essays to write as homework.

I will coach you through each step of the process, including selecting a question, planning the essay, and then writing it using a tried and tested structure that is easy to follow and apply.

Free Consultation Meeting

I offer free 15 minute consultation meetings where we can get to know each other so you can decide if one-to-one coaching is right for you. We can also discuss your personal requirements and devise a plan of action for achieving your goals.

About me

I achieved a score of 31/42 in my LNAT in 2017. The average score that year was 17/42.

I began my Law degree in 2017 at Durham University. After graduating with First Class Honours, I became a full time tutor. The subjects I tutor are: University Level Law, LNAT prep, A Level Law and A Level Business.

I am passionate about teaching and find the process of helping others grasp difficult concepts enormously rewarding. I take a lot of pride in my work and always aim to reply swiftly to emails from each and every parent or student - usually within a few hours.

Having worked with more than 250 students and completed over 3500 hours of 1:1 tuition, I have lots of experience and can effectively adapt each session to the individual student.

Lastly, I currently hold an enhanced DBS certificate which has allowed me to tutor in schools as part of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP).


I have over 200 5* reviews and an average rating of 5.0 out of 5. Please get in touch if you would like to see more!




Each session is 55 minutes long. It usually takes around 10 sessions to cover everything, but most students prefer to have 12-15 sessions. If you are running short on time, I also offer a crash course that takes 5 sessions.
Pay as you go: £55 per session
10 sessions: £495 (10% discount)


Please do get in touch if you would like further information on LNAT tuition or would like to book a free Zoom consultation meeting with me.