How to Get a First in Law

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You have probably heard horror stories about how intense a law degree is, how much reading is required, how much pre-reading is required, and exactly how many cases need to be scrupulously studied. This guide aims to challenge all the naysayers and offer a counterargument: a law degree is in fact doable (and sometimes even enjoyable!) without spending 8 hours a day reading or making hundreds of pages of notes. Not only is it possible, but it is in fact very achievable. All that is required is an understanding of the best way to learn law and the correct way to apply it in your assessments.

This eBook is not supposed to be a beginner’s guide to starting law school. There won’t be any advice on making friends, choosing modules, or planning a career. Instead, this guide cuts straight to the point: how I read, wrote and revised in order to achieve a first in my law degree. 

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